Sunday, June 7, 2009

8 months of cell phone photos

for all you math geniuses...i've been here 10 months, but had a phone since october.

minimal captions=maximum imagination

school poster

now time, thailand

didn't pay electricity bill


fudge tupee

matcha magic

biore love (for marian + bern)



haruka + we made school goal = cake devoured

dinner date

i made a pancake

sent from sam after i had to go home early

"i want to stay for the sunset"
"meh, i've seen it before"

train station sammich, thailand

american dinner? (w/ haruka)

sexy & cute R&B section

cat infestation

jessica rabbit's brother

this is what happens when you stay for 8 years

some got more into the kids christmas lesson than others

first snow

a kego park christmas, with deer and flamingos

cream puff (for laura)

anna sent this from hawaii--a slight departure from the standard beach photo

portrait of katie sensei (artist credit: naoki, age 9)

spider in kurume

and this is just the beginning...............