Sunday, March 29, 2009

sakura <3

sakura blossom! how do I love thee?
my past month has been devoted to the enjoyment of cherry blossoms. only blooming for two to three weeks a year, they're a symbol of beauty's way of leaving without saying goodbye.

anna and I passed through a lovely park on our way to lunch.

on the way from lunch with anna to the hanami party at ohori park (below), I stumbled upon a shrine with a lovely sakura tree.

we weren't the only people interested in the cherry blossoms at ohori koen

I was actually on time, while my comrades were not, so I took some (more) photos of my beloved blossoms

my charlie brown sakura tree. notice the plethora of fully-formed, fully-bloomed trees just over the road.

cotton candy and everything! what an event!

a smorgasbord of japanese and western snacks alike. and don't forget the 3-dollar wine aptly named "mirage"--with a price that low, it must be my imagination!

post-hanami. it was freezingggg.
haruka was still hungry.

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