Friday, December 25, 2009

seoulful christmas

christmas in seoul began with mexican food. so far so good right?

then we went to a jimjilbang--a korean bath house that sounded like, and probably would have mirrored a japanese onsen. but zach took us to "dragon hill," where families queue up for their chance to bathe, play simulated golf, participate in dance contests, game in arcades, hang out in PC rooms, get massages, and eat ice cream together. quite possibly the most over programmed relaxation space on the globe. but it was nice nonetheless.

lisa and i got body scrubs, which was less luxurious and more laborious. the tables were inside the women's bathing area, so we approached them in the nude, figured out the price and were each assigned a 60-something woman wearing lacy lingerie and a dour expression. the lusty pensioners left no inch of skin unscrubbed, and the whole thing was in keeping with the rest of the establishment--off-color, bewildering, and still somehow pleasant. and we're smooth as silk. that's what really matters.

so after we finished our surrealist bathing experience, we walked around seoul for a bit, and got some street food. the fried food went fast. pictured is the soup (flavor so-so, but warmth appreciated in subzero weather) and a rice cake and sauce concoction that is just as spicy as it looks.

then we stopped in a coffee shop in an effort to cure our post-bath lethargy. when we came back outside, the coffee kicked in just in time for our white christmas dreams to come true. frolicking ensued.

and then, as if it couldn't get any better, santa and his friends shook their asses in celebration of the lord's birth.

the joy of the snow and sexy christmas characters was only increased by the sea of young koreans offering free hugs outside the train station.

very merry indeed.


Kery mykook said...

Katie~~ I`m kerry...

Kyle said...

Funny videos!! I think you and Lisa should submit that dance to the K-pop gurus!It is sure to be the next big thing!

Kyle said...

That was vanessa, not Kyle commenting, I just happen to be signed into his account on accident :/

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Anonymous said...

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the videos are outright funny. Enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing

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