Friday, February 20, 2009

nakagawa seiryu onsen a.k.a. heaven on earth

I've gone here (Seiryu Onsen in Nakagawa) the past two weekends, with plans to go again on Monday. It's the best natural hot spring in Fukuoka, and more than anything else, it reminds me of why I moved to Japan in the first place. American retirees have country clubs and nursing homes. Japanese retirees have this:

(The only picture I actually took)
Andy's zonking in the tatami resting room after his onsen. The room has matted floors and complimentary pillows, and the TV was playing a news documentary about carrots that grow in the snow. Out the window you can see the rocky stream people sit and dip their feet in. Just outside this tatami room is a Haagen Daz vending machine. Heaven?


Paisley said...

oooo that looks amazing! i hope our bath house experience is just as relaxing!

Mark J. Lehman said...