Friday, February 13, 2009

phenomenons and carry-ons

i would say this week was one of the more fun weeks i've had.

as you can see from my previous post, it began in the lantern-lined streets of nagasaki on monday. then, tuesday was an easy day at work followed by a night out because wednesday was a national holiday--foundation day (something about the constitution. my japanese friends weren't even sure.)

thursday was (hallelujah) the first day of spring. though, i'm wary of these claims that the future holds temperate japan, spring is not found in warm sunshine, chirping birds or blossoming flowers. no no--it's marked by dusty cars and sore throats.
may i present...the GOBI DESERT.

what?!?! sending its sand our way just in time for short sleeves and white shoes.

friday was ramen and ruminations on existence with haruka. tonight (saturday) i dine with my ladies and then it's jenni's leaving/sam's birthday/james's birthday/......... party at tattoo--boasting fukuoka's largest display of disco balls and out of season christmas lights since its opening.

the only thing better than living this week is the knowledge that at the end of this gloriously short month lies one ticket to tokyo, two great friends from L.A., and exactly three types (cat, secretary, maid) of strange japanese cafes on the agenda.

<3 <3 <3

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