Monday, October 6, 2008

the apple of my eye

mikuru and i hung out yesterday
we drank coffee while watching the rain and talking about the meaning of life, then we went to korean food, and then a pub:

the beer bottles weren't intentionally included... give us a little credit.

after missing her last train by 40 minutes, we barely made the last train to my apt, where she became an unexpected visitor in an embarrassingly sloppy little apartment. sorry, mikuru...
anyone who knows me from home (ahem, Bernadette) knows how difficult it is for me to keep up with tidying my living space.

today i went to the apple store to get a new part for my computer charger after breaking my original charger through a poorly executed kick in the direction of my outlet. unintentional and stupid, but luckily it only cost me 840 en (around $8) to replace. the trip to the apple store began very innocently but soon became a journey when i traveled around 30 minutes by foot PAST the store. everything looked so far away on the map! anyway, i can't really be blamed. the store was hidden away, making it nearly impossible for any normal human to find:

even though the detour was not exactly what i had hoped for, i did stumble upon a bookstore/gift shop that i remembered from Osaka, and spent a good amount of time traversing the piles of nonsense they have in store for anyone who dares to brave the 7 kinds of music they have playing simultaneously. i also got a cheap yet kawaii poster for my apartment. hooray!

may i just add that mikuru is so wise... she's like my sage. but she drinks beer and refers to me as a character from Treasure Island, so not exactly.

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chuckster said...

Nice... good to see Japan hasn't taken away your appetite for the booooooooze...