Friday, October 3, 2008


I really feel like my instinctual compass has yet to reset to my current location. For this reason, I feel ill at ease with decisions that would normally feel quite natural and appropriate.

Someone said, "My art is unclassifiable." I agree.

Rumors of friend visits are brewing and it would be really nice to see someone who really knows me.

Today Laura and I discussed that looming loneliness is far more daunting than the moments when you're actually alone. Choosing to be alone is actually quite a nice feeling. Still, I'm starting to feel the one-month blues. I'm still deciding whether it's due to external or internal forces. All I know is that my step's lost a little of its usual bounce today.

The cafe I'm in just turned its radio to the English channel, presumably because I just got here. Just when you think you're striking out, someone tries to give you a little something and it always seems to be just enough. Here's hoping the bounce is restored tomorrow.

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