Monday, October 13, 2008

jitensha of joy

Today I finally relieved Paul of his extra bike and rode it from his apartment in the very hip Hirao, through a few cities and ended up at the park near my apartment. I think it was around 10 km and my puri puri oshiri (see previous post) is going to need to adjust to the firm seat. The park was amazing! It was really big and had trails and overgrown grass and a huge, hideous fountain. Of course I did not take pictures. I could barely keep the bike standing when I parked it because I had piled so much shit in the front basket.

Luckily, the only photo I found of the park features the ugly fountain:

May I just add a side note:
Whoever said "It's just like riding a bike" hadn't met someone as uncoordinated as I am. Every time I get on a bike I spend the first ten minutes refreshing my muscle memory. It's at the same time humorous and embarrassing.

Nader is quite quotable these days. As he signed off Gchat, he threw in this last piece of advice:
"And keep your complexity up because it matches your hair and your glasses."
Hahah what a treat.

Last night two boys made dinner for two girls and it was really sweet of them and delicious as well. A really nice evening.

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