Sunday, October 12, 2008

a lesson in leaving

Today's lesson, children, is: Check The Train Schedule Yourself, with supplementary reading on the topic of Industriousness.

I went to Kurume for dinner with fellow teacher James because he's leaving GEOS soon, and we had dinner and drinks with some students, which was pretty great. One of the students kindly offered to check the time for the last train to my town, which was much appreciated. I trusted he was good with schedules because he's in the Defensive Force and once swam 10km. Last night this logic made sense. You might have already guessed where this story is going, and you are partly correct.

I did manage to catch the last train (I ran, of course), but it stopped quite a few stops away from my destination, which was unfortunate to say the least--especially since I had just used my last yen on the train ticket and plastic is not widely accepted in this country. I glanced around the platform, stunned, and saw a young Japanese fellow staring baffled at the train schedule--more importantly I saw opportunity. I used my broken Japanese to ask him what city he lives in and pointed out that his mistake was using the weekday time schedule on a Saturday. I found out he lived close to my town and felt the gods smiling upon me. He kindly offered to pay for the cab back to our area, and when we got there he also offered to pay for dinner. Seeing as I had just come from dinner and had just met this guy, it wasn't in my interest to go. Feeling somewhat indebted and a little interested in the strange turn of events, I went along. He was perfectly nice and we (he) feasted at a local izakaya. Luckily his English was as good as my Japanese, so the conversation was fixed at surface-level. At around 2:30 am I wandered home and wondered--should I make this a one-time thing? I decided it would be wise.

Word of the week (and probably of the year):
puri puri- two meanings
1) fresh seafood
2) used to refer to a tight ass, as in "puri puri oshiri"

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