Sunday, November 23, 2008

ikaaaa maniaaaa

went to Karatsu today for what turned out to be quite an interesting meal

first i got caught

then we took pictures of the scenery while waiting for our table

anna's super nice parents and i framed by worsening weather

a row of squid. i will never see so much squid as i did today.


a cartoon character spin-drying squid. naturally.

the sights. the tourist boats were shaped like squid, just in case anyone hadn't gathered what the main attraction was.

inside the famous ika (squid) restaurant. the squid live in the middle there.

the main attraction. my face says "oh shit, when this picture is finished i'm going to have to try this."

inside the boat you'll see strips of raw squid atop two live squid for decoration. one of them kept grabbing anna's chopsticks when she went in for the sashimi. there was something heart wrenching about his efforts to defend his fellow mollusk. those two guys were later made into tempura. R.I.P.

karatsu castle

200 years ago a prince beheld his kingdom from this very balcony

now it's just anna + me + a coin-operated viewfinder

tomorrow we go to the flea market!!!!!!


Paisley said...

any day filled with that much squid must be a good day. love the pictures!

shuckie said...

Sounds like a unique turkey day. Glad it was fun!