Friday, November 7, 2008

warning: politics ahead

let's talk about prop 8 for a hot minute 'cause i'm all fired up. i know people living in california have probably had enough by now but chill out for a minute--it obviously wasn't enough if 52% of voters still think same-sex marriage is somehow going to infringe on their rights.

reading this article
i was disheartened by not only the results of the vote, but also the reminder of obama's stance on same-sex marriage: against the ban, for unions; but, against marriage and has said it's "not a priority."
LGBTs are openly discriminated against in the united states. don't ask, don't tell; not allowed to give blood; and i forgot to mention how HIV/AIDS is listed under LGBT issues on obama's site! what the fuck?! cooperative ignorance like this diminishes the "leaps forward" that all the papers and world leaders have been gushing about this week.

what a mess.

sign the petition to re-open the vote in california here

a funny side note--if you'd like to contact the author of the petition, her email is:

let's all take a minute to soak that one in...

this one's for anthony.

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