Sunday, November 2, 2008

san kyu very much

i need to start taking pictures

dinner with haruka and aya was lovely. we ordered some "chiizu chiizu pizza" because we guessed that meant there were two kinds of cheese. the waitress brought out a small carafe of honey to put on top. there's always something...

last weekend i went to this gem of a store called Thank You Mart, which has a bunch of nonsense, costumey weird stuff and secondhand clothing. i bought a dress. i was supposed to be buying a halloween costume.
everything is 390 yen (about $3.90) and yesterday Anna explained the pun to me:
everything is 390 yen and in Japanese 3 is san and 9 is kyu, so "san kyu" sounds like "thank you," hence the name Thank You Mart. yesssss

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sankyu for that