Monday, November 24, 2008

to see my family <3

I know I told a couple of people at home that my goal was to be on a Japanese game show. Well, this weekend I got one step closer. I was on some sort of TV show. All I did was stand there with my answer card…they gave me a packet of tissues as a gift.

The question: What do you want for Christmas?

Here’s what I really wanted to say, but couldn’t fit on the card:
1. Make a Japanese dinner for my family
2. Peach Towers party
3. Visit Indie
4. Bingo at the casino with Mike S
5. That Mexican restaurant Zamorah took me to for my birthday
6. Jet Rag Sunday sale/Fairfax flea market
7. The Italian place Mauro and I found in Silver Lake
8. Life Plaza with Laura
9. Snuggle with Zoe

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