Friday, August 22, 2008


My first day working at both schools--it's only on Thursdays and Fridays that I do this. There are three other teachers--1 Japanese--Haruka--she's super nice, and 2 "Native" teachers--James and Andy. J, A and I went to Magic Castle (the outside looks like an old carnival fun house, with ambiance set by paper maché-esque craggy rock). It cost 800 yen each for unlimited biiru, 2 kinds of food and an hour of karaoke. What a steal! Here are a couple photos:

Andy--I can't remember which song. The theme was '80s camp. James--he really went for it

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Lumi said...

Hi there,
I just found your blog and it´s so interesting. :)
I think I´ll come back soon and read your other stuff.
Hope you enjoy Japan!