Wednesday, August 20, 2008


All right--can I just say that I know what "gaijin" means (foreigner; literally "outside person") and I know when people are talking about me! I believe I'm one of the only gaijins in Kasuga, so I get a lot of *whisper whisper gaijin whisper gaijin*

Stephen (the Scottish expat with a friendly demeanor and a penchant for harsh Japanese phraseology) was my trainer again today. We went out for a smorgy dinner consisting of an omelette topped with spaghetti sauce, Korean chigae, potato salad (still figuring out how mayonnaise caught on here), "chips," and a suitable amount of nama biiru (draft beer). Stephen and I were accompanied by Kiyo, the Japanese English teacher at my Kasuga school and a prime example of "old Japan." Dinner is at 10 p.m. by the time work is finished. We're far away from the Americana table-side family watching the 6 o'clock news--although I'm not sure anyone does that anymore.

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