Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here are pictures of my Saturday night. We went to curry (British people just use curry as an all-inclusive term for Indian food), then 4 of us girlies split for a yukata party (bizarre--more later), and then we met up with everyone nearby. We stayed out until the trains started up again at 5:30. It was like self-imposed jet lag.

I love this. This particular performance was the only one that had anything to do with yukatas (casual summer kimonos). The other performances were breakdancing.... a lot of breakdancing.

Girls passing out candy and definitely not wearing yukatas

The drink tickets said "Mid Night Patty" (as opposed to Midnight Party)

There was a 30-minute make-up applying "performance" that we were not into. Please notice the title of the whole event--"PURE BUT SEXY"

Friend Satomi wearing her yukata and recording a performance. She really pulled off that yukata. Our friend Mikuru came too, but sadly I have no pictures of her. I really like her.

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