Sunday, August 24, 2008


That's one week living in Japan. It went by really slowly--but not in a negative way. I work a lot, but most know I like working a lot, and if I didn't I would find a second job (and probably a third) anyway. Today we (Fuk area teachers--maybe eight of us) went to a beach in Nishijin area. I don't know what the beach was called, but it was beautiful. Not really what I expected a Japanese beach to look like, although I'm not really sure what I imagined. See for yourself:

The islands in the distance are my next adventure after Nagasaki this upcoming weekend.

I think the chapel is what threw me off from the Japanese beach I had imagined. The Speedo-clad fellow is not posing. He was stationed in that position for quite a while and was purposefully included in this photograph.

My new desktop picture. Photo credit: Andrea

2 gaijin and a sunset

Dinner at Ten Ten near Andrea's house. The sign for the restaurant featured a cartoon of people wearing turbans and standing next to camels, so we assumed the food would resemble Middle Eastern food. We ended up with two bowls of Italian pasta. To start they gave us little bowls of what we decided was some sort of sea vegetable. The flavor was great, but we couldn't get past what Andrea called the "hair in the drain" consistency.

Me and my goop

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hey kt, its paisley! yay for japanese adventures...i will be reading about your travels frequently. <3