Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn leaves

I woke up today and it was autumn. So lovely.

There was this girl named Autumn who I knew when I was younger. She was not very nice and prone to cold sores, which significantly reduced her eligibility for long-term friendship (sorry.) We used to swim together at the public pool near my house and I distinctly remember one day when we were practicing back dives into the deep end. Our conversation somehow led to my full name (Katelyn) and she made fun of me for it, and I actually felt bad. And her name was Autumn. And she had cold sores! Why did I let her make me feel bad, especially about a name as neutral as "Katelyn"? That summer, I began to learn that some people try to make other people feel bad just so they feel a little better about themselves. And I might add that my back dives were superb that year.

I just made eye contact with someone inside the coffee shop across the street. That was strange.
There's also a girl who's constructed an entire beauty salon on her table outside the window I'm sitting by. We're talking multiple hair brushes, magnifying mirrors, and multiple bags of sparkley shadows and gooey lip balms. I'm quite certain that the 20 plus minutes of preening I've witnessed so far have left her looking exactly the same as when she began.

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