Thursday, September 11, 2008

today and this weekend

I pondered the significance of today's date more that I would have expected, and wondered if it crossed anyone’s mind over here. Surreal.

On a lighter note…(well actually, not really)
I haven't been eating much and I think it all caught up with me today…
11 am (home) pancakes
2 pm (supermarket) soba noodles and coffee
3 pm (Kasuga school) some tofu from this amazing boutique-type lunch store I've been eyeing since I got here and finally tried
6 pm (Kurume school) the rest of the tofu
10 pm (train station) 2 donuts by recommendation of Haruka—thanks a lot. And—this just in—Japanese donuts much tastier than American donuts
11 pm (apt) leftover pasta—this is really the kicker after the 2 donuts

It might not sound like so much (or maybe it does), but I've been eating maybe a soba noodle per day, so I really went for it this Thursday.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend, and the week is going by quickly, which is even better.

In the works: wedding crashing, 7-year-old's birthday partying, vegetarian restaurant scoping. Yip yip.

Japanese phrase of the day: o-mochikairi = to go (as in “for here or to go?”—used at Misuta Donatsu)
Haruka’s American English word of the day: bummer

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