Wednesday, September 3, 2008

dazaifu & futsukaichi

His name is Paul. He's quite nice and we do nice things like walking and talking.
We went to the Dazaifu shrine yesterday, and after we’d had our fill of tourist spirituality, we walked 2 km to see the ruins of some government buildings, which turned out to be four circular stones in the middle of an overgrown field. Paul was very obviously disappointed, and I couldn’t help laughing. After the disappointment subsided, we walked the 2km back to civilization, found some snacks (I was actually starving but was being a girl about it and wouldn’t admit that to Paul) and caught the train to Futsukaichi. We very cleverly combined our limited knowledge of common Japanese phrases to get a taxi to an onsen (hot spring). That was an experience for me, considering you have to be nakey (men and women separate, of course) and the old Japanese women took a certain interest in my body type. It was pretty relaxing, I must admit, and I will most likely do it again. Maybe with a friend next time. Anyone?

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