Monday, September 8, 2008

keitai blues

I went to a wedding dress fashion show yesterday with my new friend Anna. We got in for free, and I didn't take pictures because I didn't care to. It was actually cooler than I anticipated. I'm a little frightened by the idea of a fashion show devoted to the "big day" because I'm certain every woman in that room pictured their day past or present. I don't even want to think about six months from now. I don't know how all the girlies do it.
I also decided later in the day that fashion might just be art for the unimaginative. When you think about it, there are some pretty damn artistic pieces, but the problem is that a functional element is required. That's what makes it fashion. And maybe I don't want something beautiful or interesting or provocative to be required to have sleeves. Just some bathtub philosophy, really.

Anna took me to get a phone (keitai), which was to be the highlight of the day. After about 30 minutes of back and forth from me to Anna to the store employee and back down the line with information about the phones, I decided to get one that lights up when you shake it. I just really wanted to go for functionality more than anything.

The wallet was out, my name (Keitorin An Surakku) was on the contract, the precious phone was in my hand, and then the news--"nearly legal alien" and "legal alien" are decidedly different, and I could not get a phone until I was a full-fledged legal alien. Effffffffffffff

Check out the phone that caused it all:

That screen opens up AND to the right. Again, functionality.

Great commerical featuring a zippy rendition of La Bamba:

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